If you notice light bulbs or lamps flickering while lit, there may be an underlying cause that you should investigate. It could be a simple fix or the problem could be a more serious issue.


1.Loose Bulb 

The simplest cause of a flickering light bulb could be a loose bulb in the socket of the light fixture. Turn the light fixture off and gently grasp the light bulb to tighten it slightly. It’s not necessary to tighten it strenuously – simply making sure the light bulb sits snugly in the socket should suffice. Turn the light fixture back on to see if it stops flickering. If you still notice flickering, try replacing the defective bulb. If the light bulb continues to flicker, the issue lies elsewhere and it is best to contact us at BWE to assist you further.

2.Faulty Switch or Connection

Eventually, it’s possible that the switch of the fixture will wear out. You can determine if the switch is causing the flickering by jiggling it gently to see if this induces a flicker. It’s also possible that screw terminals on the light switch have a bad connection. Check the plug where it connects with the outlet, making sure it’s seated snugly within it.

Again, it is best to contact BWE to help you with any of the above.

3.Voltage Fluctuation

When you turn on an appliance with high wattage, you may notice light bulbs flicker if the light fixtures are on the same branch circuit as the main appliance. Anything more than intermittent flickering may be a symptom of more serious electrical issues, however. In addition to flickering, you may also notice that light bulbs appear either too bright or not bright enough. Light bulbs could also burn out too quickly. Other symptoms include issues with your refrigerator or freezer because of voltage problems.

Due to the potential serious nature of this issue, you should hire an electrician as quickly as possible to come to your home and inspect your electrical system.

While some issues could be as simple as screwing in a light bulb, other potential problems are best handled by a professional like one of the team here at BWE.